CatalogueMusée de La Roche Sur Yon, Joshua Dector In the dioramas of The National War Museum in London and the National Museum of History in Washington, DC, that are represented here, Hajamadi reflects on the institutionalized resistance to postcolonial self-reflection that imbues the displays with persistent stereotyping, monolithic assumptions, presumed "otherness" at the expense of our sameness, and an erroneous equation of difference with polarity and opposition. Roger Denson,  Left Political Art,Huffington Post, May 5, 2012
Since the mid-8O’s, Fariba Hajamadi has been producing an art that set out to diagram and re-construct the Western narrative of the Other long before such critical tactics had entered the mainstream of contemporary artistic practice.Beginning with the museum as the locus of Occidental civilization’s based reading of non-Western forms and practices, Hajamadi tacitly declared it to be something like the scene of a perpetual crime against humanity...Dan Cameron, “Reconciling Opposites”, 
Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany